What is a canvas?
For some reason, the word canvas is used so freely that the real meaning is often lost! A canvas is a beautifully grainy textured material created by plain weave cotton or linen. I normally choose white cotton to paint on to ensure the vibrancy of my colours and a 100% cotton content which differs from the cheap "canvas" which will actual be made from polyester or (even worse) plastic! In order to display the canvas, one can frame in glass or more commonly, we stretch the canvas material over wooden bars so that it can be easily hung.
That's where we get the terminology of "stretched canvas".

Mirror wrap / Gallery wrap?
How a canvas is stretched over a wooden frame depends on what finish my client would like. One can leave the sides of the stretched canvas bare but most of the time the client would like a mirror wrap which is when the last inch or two of the canvas is duplicated onto the side. Alternatively, a gallery wrap is chosen meaning that the whole canvas is stretched over the bars but this means the first few inches of the painting are lost to the sides - personal preference!

What is a Giclée Printing?
My Fine Art Prints are created using a method called “giclée" printing in which my original painting is professionally photographed or scanned and then the computer produces copies using high-end ink jet printers. The process to produce a giclée is more expensive than a standard print, and the inks that are used contain actual color pigments rather than dye, which adds to their brilliance and longevity. Even more significant is the fact that these digital prints are printed onto higher quality canvas, which gives the final product the look and textural feel of original art. These cotton canvases are far superior in quality compared to the plastic-cotton mix canvases that one will find in cheaper prints.

What is Hand Embellishment?
For that extra final touch, a Fine Art Print can be painted on top of with oil in order to customise the design to my client's colour preference and add extra depth and texture to the surface. This also results in an original take on the final piece as no hand embellished print is alike!
For clients in the UK, I hand embellish direct on the stretched canvas and this can easily be delivered to your home
For clients outside the UK, due to shipping costs, I hand embellish on the canvas and then I roll the canvas for you to ship. Once received, any well respected framer will stretch the canvas onto wood for final presentation.

Do you offer commissions?
For a real treat, some clients would like a bespoke service with painting and design specifically based on their tastes. The client chooses measurements, colours and design and we work together to build up a picture of what the painting needs to add to the space it is being hung in. Of utmost importance is that the client's painting reflects both my bespoke painting style together with their personality and wishes for the room's vibe!
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